"Because there is in fact something we do not know, we know what we know because of what we do not know", we can find in Patrícia de Herédia works, places traveled from our memory. Landscapes or places where we have been and retained because of an unexpected emotion. There is a need to convey the hours, days and months as well as the sensory impression of warm, cold, wind or calm. Everything is imaginable by the virtue of the gesture in her paintings.

Isabel Vaz Lopes

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Solo Exhibitions
2020 - “O Cuidado”, Centro Cultural de Cascais.
2019 - “O Azul e Outras Cores”, Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon.
2018 - “As Duas Realidades”, Galeria AP'ARTE, Oporto.
2017 - “As Minhas Paredes”, Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon.
2016 - “Forget Me Not”, Atelier Art Exhibit Space, New York.
2016 - “Small Steps”, Pousada de Lisboa - Grupo Pestana, Lisbon.
2015, March - “Sounds Like Paintings”, Flores do Cabo Gallery, Sintra.
2014/2015 - “Paisagens”, Center of Arts and Culture of Ponte de Sor, Ponte de Sor.
2014 - "How Things Neither Begin Nor End" consisting of 16 works in mixed media on canvas and on paper in the “Corrente D'Arte Gallery”, Lisbon.
2013 - "Find Me" Comprising 17 works of mixed techniques on canvas in partnership with the Farol Hotel and sponsored by “Terra d'Alter”, Cascais.
2012 - "Light on Earth" Comprising 12 works of mixed techniques on canvas, at the invitation of the “Grupo MSF” in Marina de Lagos, Lagos, Algarve.
2009 - "Ilhas 9 Mágicas " Comprising 19 works in mixed media of canvas and cardboard at the invitation of the “Centro Municipal de Cultura”, São Miguel, Açores.
2008 - "Alma da Vela" in “Reitoria da Universidade da Madeira”, invited and sponsored by "Funchal 500 Anos" as part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Funchal, Madeira.
2008 - "Alma da Vela" at the Naval Museum, in a partnership with “Federação Portuguesa de Vela”, coinciding with the presentation of the Olympic Portuguese sailors event, Lisbon.

Group Exhibitions
2020 - Colectivo À Linha, Tagus Parque, Oeiras
2019 - Merc'Art, Lx Factory, Lisbon
2019 - "Raizes", Casa Museu Fundação Medeiros e Almeida, Lisbon
2019 - Summer Collective, Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon
2018 - Inauguration, Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon
2018 - "Sim Sou Eu / Yes I Am", Espaço Europa, Lisbon
2017 - "Portfolios", Galeria AP'ARTE, Oporto
2015 - Vera World Fine Art Festival 2015, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon
2012 - "Mar e Motivos Marítimos", Maritime Academy of the Navy Museum, Lisbon
2009 - Fourth International Symposium of Painting, Stary Sacz, Poland
1997 - Young Artists Exhibition - Pedro Falcão Foundation, Cascais.