WORKS . 2016

Small Steps

Certainly the title of this exhibition is quite suggestive. These are small steps, but they are important steps in the career of an artist. The first step is to continue the search for pure painting. Here are revealed digital impressions of places and trails of her walks in nature, enabling us to discover places which we can imagine or experience. The folded support which was needed to transport painting material in situ brings us back to the artists of the 19th century-the English naturalists who began to paint outside and also the French impressionists. This continued in the 20th century with the artists of Land Art.

The second small step, as important as the first, is a prelude to a major step – Patrícia de Heredias’s coming exhibition in New York. In that exhibition other styles and new directions will be presented, including the results of an artistic residence in Sør Trondlag in Norway in July 2105, which was yet another step in the development of an artist.

Patrícia de Herédia always seeks in her work emotional and affective links to other artistic expression. Thus she has invited the solo violinist Jack Glatzer to interpret musically some of the paintings. This is part of her preoccupation with many artistic disciplines and also part of the originality which she hopes to show in her art.